July 19, 2018

Breakfast at the Beach with ReThink Water

One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is to wake up early, grab bagels (or donuts!) and head down for a mini picnic overlooking the beach.  It’s such a great way to enjoy the ocean without actually having a full blown beach day. A few weekends ago we picked the pathways near the Montage for our picnic. This is one of our go-to spots for picnics, the views are absolutely breathtaking and I’m always so inspired by the flora and fauna. This time I brought along fruit and RETHINK Water to go with our bagels to make our picnic even more special!

RETHINK Water recently reached out to see if I’d like to test their water boxes.  Their water is a healthy, unsweetened water beverage flavored with USDA Certified Organic fruit essence flavors. Plus their packaging is recyclable paperboard. Healthy and convenient, so obviously with 4 kiddos I wanted to try it out for myself!

At first I think my kiddos we’re expecting more of a Capri Sun type of taste, lol. But these have a lot less flavoring, and taste fresh, not sweet. Once they started drinking them though they LOVED them. And I think they now realize that this type of drink actually quenches their thirst. I can’t even sip a Capri Sun without my teeth hurting from the sugar, ha!! But RETHINK Water is so light and yummy!

We love our mornings at the beach! After eating the kiddos played on the grass, looked for bunnies in the bushes and watched for dolphins in the ocean. Not a bad way to start a Saturday!


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