May 20, 2018

Emery’s 1st Birthday Garden Party Lunch

I think this just may have been the fastest year of my life, sweet Emery is already ONE!! We knew we wanted to do something really special to celebrate her 1st birthday. Of course we were celebrating HER, but I also wanted to make it a celebration for our entire family. Welcoming Emmy into our family was such a huge event for us and our kiddos, so I really wanted to make it an event for all of us to celebrate.

The girls immediately suggested a “flower party”…which I translated into a garden party lunch in our backyard! I knew I wanted one long table with pretty white umbrellas. And of course with a garden party theme the flowers had to be showstoppers. I worked with Pamela at the French Bouquet, and she really brought my vision to life! I had her create the main arrangements, one on my island and two outside, and then I took a trip to the flower mart myself to create the smaller table arrangements. It made for an amazing combination!

I think out of everyone, our sweet Amelia was the most exited to celebrate Emmy. She counted down the days until the party and wanted to be involved in every aspect. A future party planner for sure! At the last minute she decided she really wanted a flower crown. I considered making it myself, but then I realized I had about a zillion other things to do…..sooo….Amazon to the rescue! I ordered this one, it was under $20 and arrived in 2 days. Perfect!!!

To me it’s always the sweet details that really make an event, like these beautiful calligraphy place cards done by Akela Clark Designs. And the embroidered table linens from La Tavola Linens were absolutely GORGEOUS. Simple and understated, but the embroidery added a beautiful texture and dimension to the table.

On the desert table I knew I wanted to include pink sprinkle donuts. Here’s why…. when we found out we were pregnant with Emery, we didn’t tell the kiddos for a few weeks. We waited until we received blood test results at about 13 weeks that told us all was a-ok with our little babe, and it also told us the gender. So once we knew we had a another little girl on the way, we couldn’t wait to tell the kids! Brad brought home donuts, and after everyone enjoyed theirs, I announced that we had one more donut to eat. I brought out a pink sprinkle donut and said we would all share it in honor of someone very special…our new baby sister joining us in the Spring!! I’ll never forget their reactions. Total shock. Excitement. And Owen said….”another SISTER!!??” Haha poor guy! But he actually took the news of having 3 SISTERS very well. It was a morning I’ll never forget!! Adding in these sweet memories into her 1st birthday made it extra special.

All of the kids got such a big kick out of watching her try her cake. And I was so happy she actually kept her crown headband on her head!!

Sweet Emmy we had the BEST day celebrating you. I just love my 4 blondies so much!!

I hope you enjoyed all of the photos! A full list of sources is below, if you have any questions at all please always feel free to reach out! 🙂



Tables, Chairs, Chargers, Flatware and Glassware: Baker Party Rentals

Linens: La Tavola Fine Linens, tablecloth and napkins

Flowers: French Bouquet

Calligraphy Place Cards: Akela Clark Designs

Amelia’s Dress: H&M

Amelia’s Flower Crown: Amazon

Charlotte’s dresses: H&M

Emery’s dress: Baby Gap

Emery’s Crown Headband: H&M

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