January 15, 2019

Essential Oils

I sat with a friend the other day having coffee and we chatted about our goals for 2019. A general wellness theme soon quickly developed. Exercise and eat healthy…not necessarily to be ‘thin’ but because we want to be around a long time for our kiddos. Be organized….because to me an organized home tends to be a happier home. And allow time for reflection and calm…it’s a go go go world, but taking time for ourselves will ultimately make us better wives and mothers.

Mostly though we kept coming back to having a clean, toxic free home and the easiest way we could accomplish it (somewhat) quickly. I’ve been switching over to some natural beauty products and cleaners for a while now, but this is the year I want to commit to taking the next step. I’m so excited to be doing by this by introducing Young Living oils to our household!

Young Living essential oils are the industry leader, and with their “seed to seal” set of standards I know we are getting the purest oils. YL ensures the integrity, potency, and unmatched high quality in their oils through each step of their distillation and bottling process.

So what do I DO with these oils?? Right now I’m mainly diffusing them, creating rollers for personal use and using their household cleaning products. All of which I can honestly say I’m absolutely thrilled with and completely regret not starting sooner.

I’ll also be the first to admit that I still have so much to learn! But luckily the best part of starting with YL is the team that I’ve been able to join. I’m working with Liz from Pure Joy Home. She has created an awesome community of women who support each other in this oils journey. When you purchase a premium starter kit you also gain access to our private FB group and receive a packet in the mail full of information (diffuser blends, roller recipes, etc) to get you started!

I think the most common question I get when asked about YL essential oils is…do I have to sell oils if I become a member? The answer is a definite no!! It’s best to sign up as a member because you’ll receive a discount on all YL products, but you do NOT have to sell them yourself as a member. It’s your choice if you want to dabble in the business side of things.

How to order your STARTER KIT:

  1. Click here
  2. Choose to become a member to receive 24% off all products
  3. Make sure 17614296 is listed under both the sponsor ID and member ID so that you can join our group
  4. Choose your starter kit — I have a love the desert mist diffuser. I think it’s a great starting point if you’re just learning about oils! I’ll be saving up for the aria diffuser!
  5. Set up your Essential Rewards monthly order. This is optional but I do recommend it! By receiving the products monthly you’ll be sure to have the YL products you want on hand, it’s a great way to test out new things, and you earn fun rewards!
  6. Once you finish the checkout process you’ll be set! You’ll then receive a welcome packet in the mail from me with some valuable info on getting started and a little gift 🙂

I’d love to hear about your goals for 2019! Are you also focusing on wellness?

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