September 9, 2019

Hello Tucker

I thought it was about time to introduce you all to our new boy…meet Tucker!! After the ordeal and heartbreak of losing our sweet Toby, my husband and I quickly realized what are our kiddos needed most was a happy and healthy puppy to love. We began the search and this darling little pup just fell into our laps! He was the last puppy in a litter from the Pasadena breeder, Rocky Cavs & Bullies. We’ve had cavaliers for years…our first fur babies before our babies…and we just adore the breed! We’re so thankful that Tucker was available and we could get him almost immediately. He’s playful and active and we couldn’t love him more!

Tucker’s wicker dog bed is from Zuri Rose & Co. and the gingham insert is from The Foggy Dog. The two make such a darling combination, certainly a dog bed that I won’t mind having hang around our house.


wicker dog bed (size large)

gingham dog bed insert (size small)

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