January 13, 2021

January Mood

Well friends, we’ve made it 13 days into 2021. How is everyone feeling? Already bit of a wild ride, right? If there is anything that 2020 taught me is that I truly draw comfort and inspiration from within my own home and the nature around me. January is usually all about a fresh start, goals for the upcoming year and motivation…and I must say I’m not feeling that so much this year. Instead, I’m continuing to lean into our home life….creating our cozy and happy home for myself and my family and focusing on what I truly enjoy…creating, gardening, cooking, getting outdoors and most importantly hugging my kids!

I’m planning on ramping up the blog a bit more and you’ll notice I’ve made some changes already. I’ve found over the years that this space gives me so much joy. It’s a space to share and document my home and inspirations, and most of all I love the community that has built. Thanks for being here, reading and interacting! As always, I love to hear from each and every one of you.

Happy 2021!

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