March 14, 2019

10 Questions with Michele Brown

She had me at board & batten….and shiplap fireplace…oh and a barn door! Meet Michele! She is a DIY design queen and the next inspiring woman to be featured on my new “10 Questions With…” series. The building process of her farmhouse in the suburbs of Philadelphia inspired her blog, Sweet Threads Design, where she shares all about her home projects and decor ideas. My favorite part of our interview?? When she says her board & batten project was the easiest DIY. That sure is inspiring to me, I might just have to give it a try in my own home! I’m certain her style and work will inspire you as well! Enjoy!

10 Questions with Michele Brown of Sweet Threads Design

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I am not a morning person, so definitely a cup of coffee! Then it’s the hustle of getting all the kids ready and off to school. Mornings are always a little hectic!

What are 3 things you always have with you when leaving the house?

Besides the essentials like keys and phone, a large bottle of water for the car, a protein bar for a mid morning snack, and my favorite chapstick.

You have completed some amazing DIYs for your home, so tell me…which one has been your favorite to complete?

This is a hard one because they have all been so fun and well worth it! The easiest DIY is probably adding the board and batten to our entry. It adds instant dimension and is a weekend project easy enough for any beginner. Currently, I am loving the fireplace we built in our master bedroom. Now that has been a PROJECT! It has taken us some time to get done but…wow! I never thought I would have a fireplace in my bedroom! It came out so beautiful and has made our whole room the perfect escape for both of us!

Can you give us a little glimpse into your next DIY project?

Besides finishing up our mudroom, we plan on starting to finish our basement this year! 1800 square feet that I get to dream up and design. I am so excited! It will be a space the whole family can enjoy. I can’t wait!

If you had to pick your favorite tool for home projects, what would it be?

This is definitely a question for my handy hubby! I am the one designing up the projects and he is the one executing! Then I come in and finish it up with paint or stain. The one tool we use in all projects is an electric compressor with brad nailer. It’s an investment piece but we use it for all of our projects.

What are your top 3 places to shop for home decor?

My favorite store is Target by far. They have been killing it lately with home decor! Next would be Home Goods! Sometimes a hit or miss but it’s my go to when decorating any space.

Can you tell us about someone who inspires or influences your design style?

I am inspired by so many! Joanna Gaines is always a big inspiration to me! I just love her in general, all she has done and accomplished. I also love Studio McGee, Monika Hibbs, Bria Hammel and Becki Owens.

How do you stay motivated in what can sometimes feel like a very saturated world of lifestyle/home/mama bloggers?

It is so hard! Some days I feel defeated that I just can’t keep up! I am not going to change out an entire space in my home every month just for a picture for Instagram. I just look at the big picture and remember why I started doing this, to share our home build and progress. That lead to gaining an amazing community on IG and I truly love sharing what we do in hopes to inspire others. It is tough and sometimes can feel like a game you are playing, but I do have a great group of ladies I met on here who support each other and give each other advice. It is wonderful to be surrounded by women supporting women! That is why I keep coming back, posting and sharing!

What binge-worthy TV shows are you watching now?

I love Million Little Things. If you haven’t started watching it yet, definitely give it a try. It can be a little dark but is a great story about friendship and family.

What is the last thing you do before going to bed?

I always have a cup of tea at bedtime, and then one last trip to the bathroom! My bladder is not the same after having 3 kids! LOL!

Find Michele here: Sweet Threads Design and Instagram @sweetthreadsco

“10 Questions With…”

Let’s face it, the Instagram and social media world can be a little odd sometimes, right?? But what I’ve realized over the years is that it all comes down to connections. I absolutely love to connect with other like minded women…to hear their stories, about their goals, and their everyday lives. Within this world there are so many women who’ve also turned their passion and creativity into an amazing, thriving business. Most often it’s with a baby (or two) on their hip. This series is just a fun little way to get to know some of these women better. I hope their answers inspire you and make you smile!

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