September 30, 2022

Touches of fall in our family room

We’ve hit fall in Nashville and it’s glorious. This is our first fall living in our home and I’m so ready for all the things that come with this time of year! Here are a few things that are making our home feel a touch more cozy…

Candles: I can never resist a good fall scented candle. Never! I’ve been burning this one nonstop…so much so that I’ve already used it up! But do you know the trick to repurpose candle vessels? Once your candle is done, pop the glass container or jar into the freezer. Let it hang out in there until completely frozen. Then bring it out and the leftover wax will pop right out! Sometimes I use an old butter knife or something to help get it loose, but it works every time! Then wash thoroughly. I loved that this candle came in an amber colored scallop bowl that now gets to hold a couple white pumpkins. Just a little warning, don’t scrub this bowl too hard…the amber color comes off! I made this mistake and on the bottom I accidentally removed some of the amber color.

Books: My obsession with coffee table books will never waiver. I’ve recently added this book to my collection and it’s become one of my favorites to browse!

Pillows: Pillows are one of the easiest things to change seasonally! I love to shop Etsy for so many good pattern options. Mississippi Stiches has become a favorite.

Greenery: I picked up some greenery and mini white pumpkins from Trader Joe’s and I love how they look on our coffee table! This large hurricane is perfect for the greens and makes a real statement.

A few favorites for Fall…

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