December 15, 2017

Holiday Date Night at Home

I think we can all agree that the month of December can get a little crazy, am I right? It’s a fun crazy, don’t get me wrong…but sometimes the calendar can feel a little like a jigsaw puzzle. So my husband I decided instead of planning another night out, it would be fun to just have a date night at home instead!

We like to get our tree up at the beginning of December (it’s faux!)…but I still feel like we never have enough time to just SIT by the tree. And honestly, the tree and the twinkle lights and that whole ambiance is pretty much my favorite thing about the holidays. So that plus a fun cocktail was our entire plan for the evening. Simple and perfect.

Green Hope Vodka recently reached out to me regarding a collaboration so the timing was perfect to test out their Vodka! 90% of the time I tend to favor a light and fresh cocktail, but during the holidays something richer and more substantial just hits the spot. My husband loves eggnog during the holidays so I decided on an Eggnog White Russian.

I think with all things, cocktails are best when you using the highest quality ingredients you can. Generally there’s not a whole lot that goes into cocktails, so if the alcohol component isn’t good then the drink sure won’t be either! Green Hope Vodka produces high quality, small batch, organic vodka. We chose to try out their Wheat version. They source non-GMO organic wheat from a farm that takes pride in growing it. And I’m always a fan of good packaging, Green Hope does it right with a simple label and cork top. Plus they are located in Healdsburg, the wine country town where my husband and I were married! So fun! We then paired the vodka with Strauss Family Creamery Eggnog and Kahlua.

I served them on a pretty tray decorated with simple holidays greens and accessories. How cute are those napkins?? Found them at Target! The scallop edge and gold writing are just so cute! And those fun marshmallow stir sticks are from Home Goods! It took no time to put it all together, but a little presentation goes a long way and makes the evening feel extra special!

I think planning at least one date night at home during the holidays will for sure become a tradition. It’s a great, relaxed way to celebrate the season with your love!


Eggnog White Russian

I was pretty casual with the recipe on this one…but here’s what I did!! Fill glasses with ice and then pour roughly 2 ounces vodka and 1 ounce Kahlua. Fill with Eggnog and garnish with a sprinkle of rock brown sugar and cinnamon sticks!

And did you notice in the pics I’m using a tablespoon? Ha! We do have one of those cocktail ounce measuring thingies (I’m obviously a bartender with my lingo), but I couldn’t find it anywhere! Turns out 1 ounce = 2 tablespoons. So in a pinch just use a tablespoon 🙂

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