April 6, 2019

Emmy’s 2nd Birthday

Last weekend our little Miss Emmy turned TWO!! We kept the celebration simple and sweet with a small family lunch at home. She woke up from her nap (still carrying her baby dolls) to find our kitchen table decorated with our treasured fabric birthday banner, balloons, a beautiful little cake, and a few presents!! Her reaction was priceless….not quite sure what was going on, but clearly happy!!

We spent the afternoon playing in our backyard! The kiddos helped her open her presents. I love my goofball Owen with her new baby doll flamingo floatie on his head!! And Emmy particularly loved her balloons!! Such a change from a year ago when I put balloons on her highchair to celebrate her 1st birthday and she was terrified!

We finished off the day with her birthday cake. This sweet little cake was inspired by a cake in Jenni Kayne’s new book Pacific Natural. I made it easy by purchasing a store bought cake and just adding the sliced mini mandarins and wax flowers. Her favorite part of the day I think was all of us singing her Happy Birthday. She loved it so much we actually re-lit the candles and did it a few times!! So cute.

One thing I know for sure that this little lady is loved. These two years with her have gone by so incredibly fast. They just keep getting faster, right mamas? Happy Birthday sweet Emmy!!!

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