Happy mid-March…a little inspiration

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Happy mid-March! We set our clocks back this weekend and boy am I ready for spring. The weather here in Nashville is just as people say…all over the place! We had snow on Saturday but later this week it’s supposed to finally hit the 70’s. I’m ready for sunshine, flowers and open windows!

As we settle into our home I feel like I can finally start LIVING in it….cooking more, decorating with details and adding in the layers that make it feel like we actually live here. We’re still waiting on our range and counter stools for our kitchen though and clearly those are some pretty major items. Oh please oh please I hope they arrive this month!! I’ve been cooking in this toaster oven though and I have to say it’s pretty amazing. It even has an air fryer and slow cooker function!

We’re heading to 30a this week for Spring break! We’ve never been and I’m so excited! The weather is a bit iffy this time of year but I’m hoping for at least one good beach day. We’ve got some rain in the forecast. The towns look soooo cute though so I’m really looking forward to browsing the shops and restaurant hopping too. Any recommendations?

Happy March!

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