November 18, 2021

Holiday Gifts for Little Girls

I might not get gift guides done for every person out there this year…but clearly little girls are just too fun to shop for, so I had to share my favorites! Some of these things Emmy already has and loves, and some are on her wishlist!

Emery has 3 favorite baby dolls that she constantly plays with….and this one just happens to be MY favorite! It’s sweet and chubby and smells like vanilla. One thing to note…the doll does NOT come with that adorable outfit! I didn’t realize that when I first bought it, so I was super surprised to see it come without clothes, ha!! But don’t let that stop you, it really is the cutest doll. I buy her clothes mostly on Etsy and this shop is my favorite!! We had this doll highchair when my older girls were little and I gave it away before Emmy was born, oops! But luckily it’s so well priced and a quick ship from Amazon.

High on Emmy’s wishlist is a new tea set. We had one but over time we’ve lost pieces and it’s time for a refresh! Emmy love’s to use water to make her tea party more “real”, so I love the porcelain tea sets. Even though they are more fragile you don’t have to worry about them rusting like the tin sets. I love how this set comes with a darling wicker carrier!

Have you heard about the Maileg mice dolls? They are the CUTEST. Emmy has a few and always uses them in her dollhouse. We’re lucky to have our dollhouse made by my father in law…but this one is so cute and made for the mice! Rose & Rex has a great selection of both the mice and their sweet accessories! Just type in “Maileg” in the search button and a bunch will come up.

A few other favorites…this bike is such at such a great price point and reminds me of much more expensive ones out there! And I love the size of this play kitchen, not too big and it has everything needed in one. I always love to give one piece of clothing too (practical!) and this sweater is sooo sweet. An Amazon win for sure.

Need stock stuffers? Cute unicorn chalk, our favorite hair brush and a pack of velvet bows at an amazing price are all great options.

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