January Mood ’20

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Happy January! And welcome to a new decade! Every year Christmas comes and goes and at first I’m a little bit sad. It’s such a fun, cozy and family centered season. But then guess what? January 1st hits and it’s goodbye Christmas!! Not a hint of sadness and I’m thrilled to pack it all up and start fresh. Simple, clean, organized and fresh.

In January I’m….

Cleaning: I’m waiting on my order from Branch Basics to arrive and I’m so excited to try out this line of green cleaning products! I’ve heard great things about the stain removing abilities of their Oxygen Boost.

Inspired by: All of the images on the Cannelle et Vanille’s instagram feed. I always love my time in the kitchen and I’d love to spend even more time cooking and baking in 2020. My goal…perfect my homemade bread!!

Writing: Lists!! At the beginning of the year I write down my personal goals, business goals and to-do lists. If it all lives in my head then I easily get overwhelmed and scattered. Writing it all down really helps me focus and gets me ready for a successful year ahead! I love to use a beautiful notebook like this one. Throughout the year I’ll add additional lists and ideas and because it’s so pretty I don’t mind keeping it out on my desk or counter for easy access.

Happy New Year!!

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