September 13, 2019

Late Summer Dahlias

Fridays are my flower days…I swing by the farm stand or Trader Joe’s and I can’t resist picking up a few bunches for the weekend ahead! Whether we’re planning to have friends over or it’s just the 6 of us, flowers make the house weekend ready. Once the end of summer and early fall hits, the dahlia’s also start popping up and I can never resist buying a few bunches of these gorgeous blooms! While generally I gravitate towards one color scheme for colors, this isn’t always the case for dahlia’s….I love the bolder colors and these pinks and oranges were just so stunning.

I find the easiest way to arrange flowers at home is to first arrange them in my hand. I start with a few of the larger flowers and then add in additional flowers 1-2 at a time, while slowly turning the bouquet around so that all sides have even amounts. Then just hold the bouquet and adjust flowers to your liking! I tie the bouquet with simple kitchen twine. Cut you stems to the appropriate length for your vase and you’re all set!

To keep you flowers looking their best, change the water often and when doing so give the stems a fresh trim. These beauties lasted a full week and I just love the color they brought into my living room.

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