December 8, 2022

Our Christmas Tree + 5 tips for decorating

Maybe it’s because it’s our first real Christmas in our new home, but I think this might be my favorite tree yet! I generally always follow the same “formula” for our tree that includes ribbon, picks and ornaments but often switch up the picks and ribbons. This year I went with a classic red ribbon and found some darling gold leaf picks in the dollar section at Target!

We always have a family night where we decorate the tree together. I make snacks, we turn the Christmas music on nice and loud and get out all of the ornaments. It’s one of our most treasured Christmas traditions and one of my favorite nights of the year.

In the following few days (or week!!) I finish decorating the tree myself. This year with everyone in school I was able to give it some one on one attention! I added the gold picks, bows and rearranged a few ornaments. Let’s face it, kids tend to place them all together in one spot, so I just move some slightly. And I have to say, not once have they noticed that an ornament has moved.

As I was finishing up the tree this year and had time to think about it all, I realized 5 things I always do that make our tree look extra special. I’d love to share those tips with you….

Hang Your Ornaments with Ribbon: Instead of using the wire ornament hangers, or the twine the ornament came with…use ribbon instead!! This is such an easy swap but it makes a world of difference. I love to use this velvet ribbon, but all types of ribbon will work. As I buy new ornaments I tie the ribbon on instead so that they are ready to hang! You can also go back and add ribbon to any old ornaments.

Use wire hangers for ornaments deeper in the tree: Ok I know I just said use ribbon to hang ornaments…but I do use the wire hangers for ornaments that hang deeper in the tree. I generally choose larger ball ornaments to hang in more open spots, closer to the trunk. I love the layered look it creates. It’s too hard to get the ribbon around the branch that far back, so the wire hanger works much easier!

Add Picks: This year I bought up some new gold leaf picks from the Target dollar section! They would have been easier to place in before the ornaments, but since we I bought them after our family night I just stuck them in around the ornaments. I love to place them so that they stick out slightly farther in the tree branches. They really add an extra layer of dimension and sparkle to the tree!

Add Bows: Personally I love small dainty bows on a tree! I just tie them myself and drape them over branches. I don’t use anything to attach them. Every now and then I’ll find one on the floor, but overall they hold up really well! This year I went with classic red. Light blue or maroon are also so pretty!

Add a topper: We didn’t get to the topper this year, but I’d love to a beautiful star.

It’s a fairly simple tree but gosh I love it so much!

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