June 30, 2022

Our family room sofas

I posted the above photo on Insta stories the other day and received so many questions regarding our sofas! They really are soooo beautiful and I figured it would be good to put all the info in one spot.

During our build I shopped all over looking for the perfect sofas for our family room. As soon as I walked into Sprintz Furniture in Franklin and spied this sofa I knew it was THE ONE. I love the single bench, the exposed wood legs and how the cushions are slightly taller than the back of the sofa. Most importantly they are super comfy! The down needs to be fluffed here and there, but overall the sofa holds it shape well which was important to me…I don’t love it when a sofa starts looking sloppy! These exact sofas are available online here!

I often get asked how we live with marble counters and white couches with 4 kids, a dog and a cat! The marble I’ll go into another day…but I think the number one thing is I really try not to stress about them. We LIVE in our home. Sofas are meant for lounging, snuggling and socializing. We spend so much family time in this room that I would never want anything too precious.

One easy tip to help keep them clean is to use blankets! I keep a basket nearby with cozy, cream colored blankets from Target. They are easy to throw on the couch to help keep dirty feet and hands at bay, and easy to wash often. For stains I’ve had luck using a little clear dish soap and water. All that being said…yes they have marks! They are bound to happen and again I just try not to stress. I’m planning on having them steam cleaned regularly, so I’ll keep you posted!

Below I’ve linked a very similar sofa as well!

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