February 22, 2019

Raven Roxanne Book Signing

It’s always a fun treat to spend a little girl time with my two oldest girls, Amelia and Charlotte. It’s the perfect time to head to events or go on outings that the boys might not appreciate as much, and that sweet Emmy is a little too young to attend. Last weekend one such event arose and I had the opportunity to take them to a book signing for artist Raven Roxanne’s newest children’s book at the Serena & Lily store in Newport Beach.

Reading and art are both such important parts of our family and I really believe the two are intertwined. I want my kiddos to see and appreciate the art that it takes to create books, both with the words on the page and the illustrations. There’s no better way to appreciate that art then to meet the artist themselves! I’m thrilled we had the opportunity to meet Raven and hear her book in her own words.

Raven Roxanne is an abstract and impressionist painter based in Charleston, SC. Her artwork is colorful, whimsical and just gorgeous! The Nest series are her latest creations. Made with acrylic, cold-water dyes, oil pastels, watercolor crayons and charcoal, the nests represent the messy, imperfect nature of love. It’s also these playful but meaningful pieces that inspired her first children’s book, A Raven’s Nest. The book follows her and her dog, Willie, as they create a nest on the beach. With each element they bring into the nest, a new color is introduced…and with that color a feeling. Joy, stability, harmony and courage to name a few. At the end of the book she encourages children to make their own nest by connecting their feelings with colors. My girls were lucky enough to create their own nest after her book reading, with Raven chatting with them about the meaning of colors, the nest and their own creativity.

We left with not only our very own signed copy of her book, which my girls and I will treasure, but a feeling of inspiration and empowerment. Amelia and Charlotte are both proudly displaying their nests in their room, and that makes this mama heart so happy.

A huge thank you to Serena & Lily for inviting us to this special event!

Raven Roxanne – www.ravenroxanne.com

Buy “A Raven’s Nest” here

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