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Easy Fall Greenery for Your Home

To me there’s no better accessory for your home then fresh flowers and greenery. They bring life to any space! Personally I love to buy one huge bunch of a single type of flower or greenery. I think it creates the most impact (plus it’s the easiest)! I keep a variety of glass and ceramic jars and vases on hand. I love simple, clean vessels that showcase the flowers.

I picked up these hypericum berry branches at the flower mart the other day and couldn’t wait to get them onto my kitchen island! That little pop of orange is perfect for fall. And I love their large scale and that they are a little wild!

I gave the ends a clip and dropped them into a big glass jar (I have this one from Target, and here’s a great one on Amazon too). Incredibly easy with maximum effect! A little tip…if you’re working with branches often the stems are super thick and normal scissors won’t get the job done! I keep a garden clippers on hand (like these) so that I can cut through thicker stems. There’s nothing more frustrating then sawing away at a branch trying to get it cut….it takes forever and I can’t imagine it’s so good for the flowers either!

I try to change the water and clip the stems every couple of days. Don’t stress about it, but just do the best you can to get that task done. The flowers will be happier and last longer for sure!

These took me less then 10 minutes to get together and make such a huge impact in my kitchen. While I got these at a wholesale flower mart, I often buy my flowers at Trader Joes. They have a pretty good selection at decent prices. Your best bet is too look for one type of flower that you love and just buy a ton of it!



As always, thanks for reading! xo

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