October 22, 2018

18 months with Miss Emmy

Our Emmy at 18 months old…

What she loves:

  1. Baby dolls.  She LOVES baby dolls. Always carrying one around with her and saying “baby, baby”…she feeds them bottles, gets diapers for them and loves to push them in strollers. Our mini mama.
  2. Dogs. Not scared one bit and loves to pet and cuddle any dog she can.
  3. Cheese, grapes, smoothies, edamame, carrots
  4. Most of all…her brother and sisters. She is showered with affection by her siblings each and ever day. Watching their bond grow and grow may just be my favorite part of motherhood. Each night she gives big kisses to each one of them before bed. And if we start to walk upstairs without doing kisses first, she points and points and makes her little kissy face.

What she’s doing:

  1. Walking, running, climbing, allllll of it! She’s a busy little girl and loves to be on the move! She is happiest outside, walking up and down the sidewalks and riding on the plasma car.
  2. Snuggling…just as I say she’s always on the move, I have to say that she might just be our snuggliest baby. This little lady loves a snuggle and I can’t get enough.
  3. Getting into cabinets, drawers, you name it.

What she’s saying:

  1. Mama, Dada, baby are probably her top three used words.
  2. Baba for milk
  3. Ohweee for Owen
  4. Dahh for Dog
  5. Cheeeese for a picture
  6. Up to be picked up
  7. And LOTS of babbling the sweetest little baby talk.

What she doesn’t love:

  1. Going inside, she always wants to be outside playing with the big kids. But sometimes I just have to make dinner, you know?
  2. She’s getting a little more picky with food. Doesn’t like chicken or really any meat.
  3. And that’s it…I honestly tried to think of more, but she’s one happy little lady.


Sweet Emmy we love you so, please don’t grow up too fast.




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