November 30, 2018

Little Miss Sunshine

A few weeks ago, with the big kiddos busy at school, I had my friend and fellow photographer, Vanessa Lentine, over to the house to shoot some photos of just me and Emmy. She’s our last baby and growing up SO fast. Like light speed fast. I take plenty of photos of her around home, but I wanted some with ME in them. Like a lot of mamas, I don’t get behind the camera nearly as much as I should. Not surprisingly I’m always the one behind the lens. But I always want to remember these sweet snuggles from our little sunshine.

I’m wearing a dress that is available in my client wardrobe. It’s flattering, looks awesome in photos and is just so easy to wear. I dressed Emmy in this sweet little romper from Jamie Kay. See those blue eyes below? Yep, those are the reasons she gets away with things around here. I mean, could you say no to them?? Nope, we can’t either.

I also love that these photos were taken in our home home. There is something so intimate and sweet about photos in your home. It’s where the memories are made. Not only do I always want to remember these moments, but I want her to remember them as well. These photos give her that chance.

Are you remembering to get in photos with your kiddos? I promise you won’t regret the decision. Yes, you have to get dressed and brush your hair, but the images you can get in a quick 30 minutes will be priceless.

A few details you might be wondering about:

My dress & Emmy’s romper – available to borrow when booking with Elizabeth Johnson Photography.

Blue bed pillow  |  Artwork   | Diamond Quilt

Photography by Vanessa Lentine

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