December 17, 2020

Adding Ribbon to Your Christmas Ornaments

One of my favorite holiday traditions is always our family evening trimming the tree. I’ll make a bunch of snacks, hot cocoa and pour a glass of bubbly for my husband and myself. We blast Christmas music, dance around and hang ornaments. It’s just the absolute best! We all love pulling the ornaments out of storage and remembering each one. We honestly don’t even have that many…but what we do have I absolutely love, and I’ve made them even more special by hanging them with ribbon!

Our ornaments are collected from all over…some are gifts, some from boutiques or craft stores and of course we can never pass up the Target ornament aisle! But no matter where we get our ornaments from, using ribbon to hang them instead of the standard wire hangers really elevates the entire look. I’ll share some of my favorite ribbon sources below, but my favorites are always velvet, satin or silk. I love to use varying thickness of ribbon, anywhere from 3/8″ to 1.5″ work really well. Some of my favorites this year have been this velvet ribbon and this frayed edge silk ribbon. I’m also obsessed with pretty much every ribbon in the darling Etsy shop, Shy Myrtle. I generally stick with a pretty neutral color scheme, but the great thing about adding ribbon is it can be changed very easily if you have a specific color scheme you’d like to follow.

darling book shop ornament from The Rosy Nook

I use a simple knot for the ribbon. I find it’s the easiest to tie on, stays put and isn’t too busy on the tree. Also be sure to save ribbon from your packages to add to your ornaments! Even if you won’t have time to add ribbon to your ornaments before Christmas this year, you can easily add them on when putting your ornaments back into storage. That way you’ll be ready to go for next year, and won’t that feel good when you open them up again?

Speaking of storage, I upgraded our ornament containers these year to these. We had a few ornaments break this year (including an ornament from when our first child was born, sooooo sad)….so I’m not taking any more chances. I really want to be able to pass our ornament collection down to our children some day! I’ll be sure to let you know how we like our new storage system once we receive them. A little pricey, but I think they’ll be worth it!!

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