January 24, 2019

Birthday Shopping

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve gone birthday shopping with my mama every year. It’s our little tradition that I LOVE. It’s really more about the day (and going out to lunch, obviously), but it does get me thinking about some new pieces I want to add to my wardrobe. Not only is January my birthday month, but it also just happens to be the perfect time to freshen up your closet! First it’s all about the kon mari clean out (anyone else folding their clothes into little squares??), but then comes the fun part….adding in a couple new clothing and accessory pieces that you may be missing. Here’s what I’ve got on my mind…

  1. Dresses! In 2019 I will wear more dresses. I will. Piper and Scoot has an awesome selection and I love this one.
  2. I wear the same pair of Madewell earrings allllmost everyday (did you see them in my stories??) Looking to add another one to the rotation and I’m loving these sweet hearts.
  3. Slip on and go…always my favorite type of shoe. Thank goodness I live in SoCal. These are slip on and go PLUS leopard. Sold.
  4. I have this style top in a blush stripe. Obviously I need it in grey stripe too.
  5. Slip on and go, remember?
  6. Liz from Pure Joy Home has me interested in these jeans…I love the idea of a wider leg crop. Will I look ridiculous in them? Possibly. But there’s only one way to know for sure!
  7. I always want to lighten things up as soon as January hits. Out with the black bag, in with the blush.

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