January 30, 2019

Our Favorite Picture Books

The love of books is something I want and hope to instill in my children from a young age. I always read to Emmy before her nap, and with all my kiddos before bedtime…but there is something extra special about seeing them pick up a book in the middle of the day, for no other reason than pure enjoyment. I came across this sweet little scene a few days ago…Amelia reading to Emmy, all cuddled up on her bed. You can better believe I raced downstairs to grab my camera as fast as humanly possible!

They had pulled out a few of our favorites that get read over and over again. And even though Amelia is reading chapter books now, I love that she still enjoys the picture books. These are some of the sweetest ones we’ve ever read. “The Wonderful Things You Will Be” has to be my very favorite, with words that celebrate individuality and the bond between mother and child, plus the most beautiful and touching illustrations.

These are also the days when I appreciate the age difference between Emmy and her older siblings. There are days I worry that she’s too far behind…they are 3 peas in a pod, and she’ll allllways be the baby. Yes, that’s probably true…but this bond right here…it’s unbreakable. Perhaps different then what Amelia will have with Owen and Charlotte….but to see Amelia nurture Emery and LOVE her with every bit of her being….these are the moments, mamas. The ones to bottle up. And the ones I’m eternally grateful to capture in a photo.

I hope they always continue to read with each other, inspire each other with book choices and always know some time snuggling with a sister and a book is an afternoon well spent.

Below are a few more of our favorite children’s books at the moment! I hope you find one that you haven’t read before, or one that is your favorite already! And if you have any recommendations of new books for us to try, I’d love to hear in the comments!

The Wonderful Things You Will Be  |  Madeline  |  Fancy Nancy Oodles of Kittens  |  In My Heart  |  Through Your Eyes  |  Big Sister Little Sister  |  We are the Gardeners  |  Julia, Child

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