August 14, 2019

Coffee Table Books Perfect for Styling

I’ll never get tired of using coffee table books as styling props in my home. Not only do I love the way they look, but when I have a moment of free time I love browsing through them and I’m continually finding new inspiration.

I wanted to share one trick that I often do with these beautiful books…and that is to remove the covers!! I keep any covers that I’ve removed in a safe spot (usually in a bin like this under my bed) so that putting them back on is always a possibility. You’ll see in these photos that I removed the cover on ‘Beauty at Home’ by Aerin Lauder. It is a beautiful book with neutral cream linen and white embossed text. I love how it pairs with the other two books.

I encourage you to play around with books in your own home! Remove covers, stack them in different ways, place objects on top of stacks…and most importantly don’t forget to enjoy them!

A White Facade, Five Floors and an Open Door At Home in Joshua Tree

In Full Flower, Surf Tribe, Interiors Atelier AM, The Authentics

The Kinfolk Home, Beauty at Home

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