August 28, 2019

Currently Smitten No. 2

  1. Summer is winding down and I’m feeling the cravings of fall starting to creep in to my thoughts. We’re hosting an end of summer dinner party at our house soon and this color palette has me completely smitten!

2. I’m also ready for cozy, comforting meals! How decadent does this gnocchi look? Ahhh! I’ll have to workout a little more to get to enjoy this one, but I’m pretty sure it will be worth it, right??

3. Speaking of working out, lately I’ve really been enjoying getting outside for long walks with Emmy. I bring books and a snack for her and sometimes I’ll listen to a podcast! The fresh air does us both a lot of good. When we get home I’ll do a quick 10 minute workout using this app. I’m still in the free trial period, but I love that it’s super simple and takes me through exercises like squats, burpees and jumping jacks. Yes, I should probably do something for longer then 10 minutes, haha…but because it’s sooo quick I really can’t find an excuse to not do it!!

4. After what happened with our sweet Toby, we realized what our kids needed more than anything was a happy, healthy, puppy to love. Meet our new boy. He was the last pup in litter from a breeder in Pasadena….the stars aligned and we picked him up the night before school started. He was meant to be ours! Our son suggested another “T” name in honor of Toby….so meet Tucker! I’ll be sharing more about him soon.

5. Fall style is my faaaavorite. Always. We don’t live with a lot of seasons here in SoCal and unfortunately Sept/Oct are usually the hottest months, but thankfully the evenings do get cool!! Madewell is always my go-to store and lately I’ve been so impressed with what I find at H&M! Here are few of my recent favorites!

shirt / sweater / floral dress / wrap dress / cardigan / jacket

6. Speaking of fall fashion…these Parker Thatch bags have me completely smitten. Can I start my Christmas list yet??

7. My photography business is entering into the busy season again and mini sessions are getting scheduled quickly! This eucalyptus grove is soooo beautiful and one of my favorite spots for fall photos. If you’re local and want to schedule a time slot I’d love to chat!

8. Hope you all are having a great week! And for you mamas our there that have kiddos back at school….I hope your sweet littles are all happy and adjusting to their new year!

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