July 17, 2019

Currently Smitten No. 1

Welcome to the first post of my new series…Currently Smitten! A little round up of things catching my interest lately, tidbits from family life and everything in between. I hope you enjoy!!

  1. Do you love podcasts? I love listening to them while folding laundry or editing photos! I’m generally drawn towards those that are business/motivationally focused and I recently discovered Liberty for Her. The episode that initially drew me in featured two of my favorite entrepreneurial girl bosses, Chelsea Shukov and Jamie Grobecker, founders of Sugar Paper. I’ve followed them for what seems like forever, back when Pretty Smitten was a tiny stationery company on Etsy and they had their single Brentwood location in LA. Fast forward to now…I’m lucky enough to live by their Newport Beach store, and they recently opened one in Marin, CA! Their podcast with Liberty for Her focuses on their partnership and how they make it work, definitely worth a listen! Next I’m planning on listening to this one with Kara Dykert – a food stylist, hostess and author of the cookbook TOAST. Do yourself a favor and check out her website for some serious dinner party inspiration.

2. My love for wallpaper runs deep. I recently discovered Chasing Paper and I’m loving this one. How cute would it be in a little girls bedroom or bathroom? This one from Rifle Paper has also caught my eye!

3. Dying over this new collab by Madewell and Christy Dawn. I’ve been admiring Christy Dawn’s line of dresses for a while now, and it just seems like fate that they’ve now partnered with one of my all time favorite clothing brands. I have this one in my cart and just waiting on this one to come in stock!

4. I finally took the kids to Handel’s ice cream and it did not disappoint. We went after a busy, hot morning at summer camp and they were rewarded with as many samples as they wanted! I wish I had gotten the name of the girl helping us because she was so helpful and suggested we buy two sample boxes and the cones separately. 3 kids with two scoops in a waffle cone each, and 1 toddler with a small cone and 1 scoop….for $12.75. What?! I think I spend double that at Baskin Robbins and this ice cream is waaaaay better. Happy mama, happy kids.

5. To balance out the summer treats I ordered this water bottle and I’ve been trying to drink a gallon of water a day. It’s a ridiculously large water bottle but I’m finding it does keep me on track. And yes, I have to pee a lot.

6. Have you bought anything at the Nordstrom sale yet? Here are a few of my favorites!

camel sweater / black jeans / bag / jacket
pillowcases / cardigan / gingham jammies / socks

7. And last but not least, I’m dying to try this new line from Beautycounter which contains a clean alternative to the anti-aging powehouse, retinol. And their melting body balm is my favorite absolute this summer…using on my feet, cuticles, basically everywhere. Softens and smells like coconuts!

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of Currently Smitten!! It will be a reoccuring series a couple times a month!

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