July 9, 2019

Living Room Tour

We’ve been slowly transforming our formal living room into a more inviting and comfortable space, a spot for my husband and I enjoy together for morning coffee dates and evening wine time! I’ve shown snippets here and there on my Instagram feed, but I thought it was time to snap a few photos and show you a better look! It’s still a work in progress, but sometimes it’s fun to see the journey, right?! Scroll to the bottom to see the source list!

First off, we moved our baby grand piano to our front room, just off the living room. This move made space for two new chairs…and can you believe they’re from Ikea?? We were making this space over on a pretty tight budget and these were the right price and the right look with casual white slipcovers. I ordered them online, crossed my fingers, and ended up being super happy with how they turned out in the room! The key to these in be sure to steam the slipcovers very well once they are on the chairs!

I also added the second rug to layer over our basic seagrass rug. It brings so much warmth and coziness to the space! The coffee table was a super clearance find from Pottery Barn. It actually opens for storage, so it will be a handy spot to store extra throw pillows. And I love the rustic look it brings to the space.

The layering and styling of decor pieces is always my favorite part of designing a space, and this was no exception. I started by sourcing pillows, my absolute favorite way to bring color, warmth and texture to a space!! On the couch are three pillows from Danielle Oakey Shop, one from McGee and Co. and one from RJ Imports, a local shop here in Orange County. I tend to spend a little more on throw pillows, because I do think you can tell a difference in quality! The chairs right now hold these two pillows, which were originally in my girls room. I’m not 100% convinced they’ll stay, but for now they are working great!

For me, styling the coffee table will always be an ever changing and evolving process. I love using books, vases, candles, bowls….alllll the things…and like to switch it up frequently. I think it’s the easiest way to change up a space, give it some new life and keep things fresh without actually doing a whole lot. Right now it’s styled very simply with books, ivory beads, a woven vase with hydrangeas, and my favorite part…a vintage bowl filled with snapshots of the kiddos. That bowl is my love language. All their little faces, just waiting to sift through during morning coffee, making me smile. The kids love it too!

Over the mantel are two of my favorite images from my print shop and a beautiful olive wreath statue from McGee & Co. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they have the exact one still available, but here is a similar style! I also included a vintage landscape scene and a simple graphic in the room. I love adding vintage artwork to a room. Not only is the hunt for them at the flea market very fun, but they bring so much depth and life to the space.

We are really enjoying our new living room! Not only are we spending more time in here as a family, but it’s been perfect for entertaining too. Sources are listed below, but if you have any questions, always feel free to reach out!





Seagrass Rug

Coffee Table

Pillows – Hyde, Lido, Luna

Beach Art Print

Lifeguard Art Print

Olive Wreath Statue (similar)

Graphic Art Print

Vintage Bowl (prints from Chatbooks)

Books – Kinfolk, Charlotte Moss Garden Inspirations, Surf Shack, Aerin Lauder Beauty at Home

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