Get the Look: Our Upstairs Gallery Wall

One of my favorite walls in our entire home is the one that holds this family gallery wall. It originally hung in our stairwell at our old home (see all about that one here) – and when we moved into this house I knew I needed to find a spot for these favorite photos. The kids are already so much older then these pictures show, and I just love walking by their little faces multiple times a day!

I purchased the frames quite a few years ago from IKEA. They are the Ribba style frame in white and natural wood. I unfortunately don’t see the same natural wood color available online, but they may have them in store! We don’t have an IKEA close to us anymore so I haven’t been in a long time. Below is a breakdown of the exact size frames I have used here – just note IKEA sizes are wonky but you can get similar standard sizes at places like Pottery Barn and Target.


  • 5 White Ribba Frames – Size 17×21″
  • 3 Natural Wood Frames – Size 17×21″
  • 3 Natural Wood Frames – Size 13×17″
  • 4 White Ribba Frames – Size 9×10


  • If you can’t make it to an IKEA I think Pottery Barn is your next best bet! Their gallery wall frames come in all sorts of sizes and not only have a white and natural wood option, but they have black and a darker wood as well.
  • I personally love that this wall is all black and white photos. Because the photos are taken in all different environments and some are professional and some are just iPhone snaps – having them all in black and white gives them a uniformity and cohesiveness.
  • I did not use a template to hang them — I know there are so many hacks on how to hang framed gallery walls, but honestly I just eyeballed it
  • To get the look I wanted I started with a larger frame in the center of the wall. From there I worked outwards on both sides, choosing roughly where I wanted to place the larger frames and then filling it in with the smaller ones
  • Make sure you have a good mix of vertical and horizontal orientations

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