July 2, 2019


Hello July!! Wow, summer is already FLYING by too quick. Anyone else feel that way? For us, June was filled with camps (basketball, volleyball, junior lifeguards)…but July is all about free schedules, sleeping in and recharging. I’m hoping to continue work on our backyard, because it’s salads like this one that motivate me to get my vegetable garden going! There’s nothing better then tomatoes right off the vine, sprinkled with fresh herbs and tossed with fresh mozzarella. We’ll also have plenty of trips to the pool and beach now that June gloom has passed in SoCal and we’re finally seeing the sun! Yippee!

We had been hoping to plan a trip to Charleston this summer, but doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Boohoo! It’s one place I’ve been dying to visit! For now, this candle will have to tide me over. Maybe we’ll get to Miramar Rosewood Beachin Santa Barbara instead? A girl can dream!

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