May 21, 2020

Neutral Outdoor Entertaining


It’s getting to be my favorite time of year when outdoor entertaining becomes a daily event! We’ve been all spending more time at home, gathered with our immediate family, but even though we might not be hosting huge gatherings quite yet that doesn’t mean you can’t make dinner in your own backyard special. It honestly doesn’t take much to elevate your evening (or breakfast, lunch!)…and by creating a space to enjoy together as a family, I guarantee you’ll do it even more!

I was inspired with the image above from my shoot with Lindye Galloway to create a neutral outdoor entertaining space. Cane glasses have become so popular and I don’t think the style is going away anytime soon. We have our own set at my home (these) and I not only use them for backyard entertaining, but for daily use too! And if you’re wondering, the cane portion easily removes for cleaning! And of course these cane glasses would go wonderfully with pops of color as well. What I love about this design board is you can easily add more colorful elements to suite the evening, but these items provide a beautiful neutral base. See below for all sources!

I think this umbrella really is the showstopper on this design board. We have this same one in our backyard and I have to say, it truly makes the space. If you’re lacking a covered area in your yard to escape the sun, then an umbrella is the clearly way to go…but they don’t always look so great in my opinion. This one however?? Ahh I love it so much with that scallop detail! We’ve had ours for years and it’s held up really well. Adding in this chair and table? Wow, you’ve created a beautiful base that can be styled in so many ways.

I love a simple runner down the middle of the table and these candle holders add a different texture. Can’t you just see the flicker of lights? Ideally I think I’d have to sets on either end of the table, and group them with a small vase. This drink tub and serving set bring in the beautiful brass element, and I just love the natural, organic shape of this serving bowl. And while I’d love to say we allllways have fresh beautiful blooms to clip from our yard, that sometimes just isn’t the case. Having a few faux stems on hand can save you in a pinch!

So now the only question is….what will you cook up in the kitchen to enjoy in your beautiful new space?

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