June 24, 2021

New House Inspo

We had our last pre-construction meeting this week so I’m in full on inspiration mode for our new home. With furniture times being sooooo long lately I want to start designing each room and getting the big pieces on order. For this home I’m going for a slightly more feminine, Southern vibe. The first image below from a home designed by Bria Hammel has captured my heart! I just love the overall feel of the space….welcoming, comfortable and it just looks like kiddos should be eating pancakes at that island! We eat a lot of pancakes in our house so we’d fit right in 🙂

Just like our previous house I’m gravitating towards a lighter color palette. I know I’ll never get tired of a space that is light, airy and let’s in the sunshine. I’d love to add some feminine prints, beautiful light fixtures and a nod to our SoCal life with a few beach prints. My goal is to splurge on a few items — like these counter stools, an amazing sectional for our family room and details like hardware and lighting. I think it’s all about balance and finding some items worth putting more money into and then scaling back on others. I’m just so excited to get the process going and I’d love for you to follow along!

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