June 15, 2021

Our first few days in TN

We did it! We’ve been official TN residents for over a week now. Honestly it seems longer then a week, but in a good way. We stayed our first few nights in a hotel and have been slowly moving into our rental apartment. We’ll be in this apartment for about 6 months while our house is being built! Our pods still haven’t arrived from CA, but it’s amazing how little you need on a daily basis. That being said, I’ll be happy when we have a couch 🙂

Downtown Franklin has captured my heart already. It is just SO charming…the cutest shops, restaurants and the friendliest people. Biscuit Love has become a favorite for all of us and we had fun browsing through Rock Paper Scissors and White’s Mercantile. The history here is so evident everywhere you turn and we’re all looking forward to learning more about Franklin’s past. We’re planning a few walking tours with either Franklin Walking Tours or Franklin on Foot, both look great!

A photo from our first evening in Franklin! Kiddos look a little tired from a long day of travel, but I promise they were excited!

I can’t get over how green and lush the landscape is here in TN. And the hydrangeas!! Hydrangea bushes are just exploding with blooms around every corner. I can’t wait to plant some in our new yard.

Speaking of our new yard…we’ve been visiting our lot quite a bit! It’s just dirt right now, but we have our final pre-construction meeting next week before the build can begin. I’m so excited to see the process unfold. Our home will initially have builder grade finishes, but I can’t wait to put my personal touch on everything. I’m planning a post filled with inspiration images for our new home soon!

My favorite part of our lot are the tress behind us…I can’t wait to sit on our covered deck with a cup of coffee and just stare out to those beautiful trees!

It’s been a fun first week and the kiddos have been troopers. I’m sure some homesickness for our old CA neighborhood will sink in, but for now we’re enjoying exploring our new surroundings. And although we may be months from our house being done…I’m thrilled to say I know we’ve found our home.

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