February 10, 2018

Playtime with Little Adventures

Miss Amelia has always been a fan of princess dresses. What I love though is that she not only plays “princess” in them…but she does all sorts of things!! From reading on her bed, to playing family, to rough housing with her brother! Her favorite dress is by far her Rapunzel dress from Little Adventures. The great thing about this brand is their dress up clothes are actually comfortable!! So many dress up dresses are scratchy and stiff, and if your kids are anything like mine then that’s a no-go. These are super soft! And they are machine washable, a definite bonus in my book.

So glad we got these adorable pics snapped of her….ESPECIALLY because of that toothless grin. I mean is there a sweeter stage? Goes by too quick!


photography by Vanessa Lentine


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