April 14, 2018


Right after I found out I was pregnant with Emery, I met a friend for breakfast. As we’re walking in to the restaurant, she makes the exciting announcement that she’s expecting!! And two seconds later I blurt out….ME TOO!!! We hadn’t told ANYONE.  And honestly I don’t think I had really planned on telling her that morning, but how could I not?! I was so dang excited to be pregnant with my friend at the same time! A few weeks later we learned we were both having girls, due almost exactly one month apart. Sweet Lucy arrived close to her due date, and my Miss Emmy decided to come almost a month early. So you know what? They’re just 5 days apart! It’s been so fun sharing experiences through the newborn and baby stages, and watching them grow!

I recently had the honor of taking photos of Lucy to commemorate her 1st birthday. Just look at this sweet girl! We had a fun morning snapping pics, playing toys and reading books. And when your mama is an interior designer, you make sure to get some photos of the amazing nursery as well 🙂













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