July 14, 2020

Print Shop is Open!

I’m so excited to share that my collection of fine art prints is now available as digital downloads! From the iconic teal hut at Crystal Cove, to clean Laguna Beach sand, to the sidewalks of Corona del Mar….these images capture the clean, casual and chic coastal vibe of Southern California!

By offering the images as digital downloads, I’m hoping to bridge the gap by offering something in between the cheap prints and expensive gallery art. Now don’t get me wrong, I think there is a place for it all. I love a good Home Goods find (don’t we all??) and I drool over the images from artists like Gray Malin (again, don’t we all??) But I’m hoping I’ve found my spot here…giving customers a fine art option at a mid-range price with the ability to choose sizing and framing.

Can’t decide which print? Or where it should go? I’m also here to help with styling your new artwork! Email me questions, pictures of your space, and your thoughts and I’ll help you pick the perfect piece!

So you bought an image….now what do you do once you download the image? When you purchase an image you’ll also receive a PDF with tips and tricks for printing and framing, but spoiler alert, here are my favorite options:

FRAMEBRIDGE: To me Framebridge is kind of a no brainer. They make is so dang easy to get a print (or textile!) framed. You can easily upload the high resolution image to their site, choose a frame and mat and they do the rest! You really are able to get the high end look of a professional framing job without paying ridiculous prices. Their Irvine slim, Marin and Mercer slim frames compliment my collection well.

MPIX: Mpix is my favorite online printing service for retail customers (ie not a professional lab, but still great!) Their Giclee print option on either their fine art paper or deep matte paper will yield the best results. For larger print sizes I recommend also adding a matboard backing to ensure a smooth finish within your chosen frame. Speaking of frames, Target has some great options. I love these!

Bottom line – I think if you’re going for a larger print then you should do Framebridge for sure. They’ll make sure the print quality is top notch and get the framing just right. And economically it turns out to be about the same (or even less) then printing a large size yourself, adding the backing and purchasing a large frame. If you’re just printing a smaller image like 8×10 or 11×14 then MPIX and a great basic Target frame will do the trick!

I hope you love this collection as much as I do!! I would love to see photos of them up on your walls. Feel free to send them directly to me (hello@elizabethjohnsonphotography) or tag @elizabethjohnsonphotography or #elizabethjohnsonphotography in Instagram. Questions??? ALWAYS feel free to reach out.

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