As of late

1. Taking even 15 minutes to workout each day has become such a great part of my morning routine. I’ve been following the videos from Melissa Wood Health and I LOVE them. You can choose from workouts that are anywhere between 15-45 minutes. They are all yoga/pilates based with some great core and strength work. All I need is my favorite yoga mat! The $9.99 monthly membership fee is well worth it!!!

2. This has become our new favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. If you can get your hands on some cake flour right now I highly recommend trying them out! Deliver some to friends and neighbors. And I always make a double batch and freeze some!

3. Last year I ordered and planted my first David Austin roses. These English roses have big beautiful blooms and many types have a beautiful fragrance as well. While you can sometimes find David Austin roses at your local nursery, you’ll find the best variety directly on their website. Their bare root roses have recently become available to order again! Certain varieties will sell out, so shop early for the best selection! All roses will ship in the Spring at the correct planting time for your area. I’ve got my eye on these New Dawn climbers for the side of our house.

3. I’m preparing to homeschool my kiddos next year and while I may have been hesitant at first, I’m now getting really excited for our upcoming year! I’m lucky to have an amazing community of mamas that are also entering this new territory, and I’m hoping to connect with some of you in the ‘virtual world’ as well. Building a community, supporting one another and offering advice on what has worked and what hasn’t is what will get us all through this! And I bet we enjoy it too! I’ve started a homeschool Pinterest board if you’re interested in following. I’ll be adding more resources as I find them!

4. We’re so lucky to live by the ocean and it’s such a huge resource for learning. The Dana Point Ocean Institute has some amazing online learning opportunities, and the best part is you can live anywhere to participate!

5. A huge thank you to everyone who has purchased one of my art prints! This image of a lifeguard tower at Doheny Beach is one of my favorites and seems to be one of yours as well! Shop all art prints here.

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