March 18, 2020

Scenes from quarantine

Hello from Day 5 of quarantine! How is everyone doing? While we’re not technically on official lockdown or shelter in place yet, our family has practiced social distancing since Saturday. We’ve spent the time in our home, yard and on neighborhood walks. I’ve take a few iPhone snaps in these past few days so I thought I’d share what we’ve been doing with our time in hopes it gives you and your family some ideas.

My favorite project so far is the start of our vegetable garden! We just completed building our planter boxes, so on Saturday we picked up some dirt and a few veggies from Plant Depot in San Juan Capistrano. The kiddos all helped in the planting and it was so fun. And while we won’t be harvesting enough to actually feed our family for a white, I think times like these make the benefit of growing your own food even more evident. As of this post both Plant Depot and Rogers Gardens (our two favorite local nurseries) are open and their wide open, outdoor spaces make social distancing possible.

Not only are we on quarantine, but there has been A LOT of rain. Is there anything then fresh baked bread on a rainy day? I started with this basic white everyday bread from The Food Nanny using her Kamut flour. It’s not hard and on her instastories she shows you step by step how to make it. You can order the kamut flour here. I also love dutch oven bread recipes like this one.

My kiddos have become obsessed with making forts. And yes, our bedroom looks like THIS. Yikes. But you know what? They are working together, coming up with unique ideas for their forts, having fun and all with zero electronics. For my own sanity we’re containing fort building to bedrooms only! Also take note of the photo above…bedhead hair all around and Emmy’s tinkerbell dress is on inside out AND backwards. Also notice…all smiles!!

Cereal dates with Dad have also made this list, because these two are just too cute.

There has also been lots of time for just lounging around reading and watching movies. I think Tucker benefits the most from this one! He’s so happy to have all of his people home and the option to snuggle with anyone! We’ve been creating a family movie list to watch including Parent Trap, Sound of Music, The Might Ducks…just to name a few. Any suggestions for some good family movies? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

I’m also hoping this beauty gets a little more love over this time at home. I wish I could say my kiddos love playing the piano, but the truth is they haven’t shown much interest. I, however, have attempted playing again! I played as a child and it’s fun to try again. I also believe that the more my kiddos hear me playing, the more they will be interested in doing it themselves.

So friends, what are all of you doing this time to stay busy? What movies are you watching, books you are ready, recipes you are making?? I’d love to hear! I think this time can be a gift if we stay safe and adhere to the guidelines set by our government. Let’s use this time wisely, connect with our family and appreciate being able to slow down. And to all of our healthcare workers, delivery drivers, and those still out there everyday…truly, thank you.

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