December 17, 2019

Simple gift wrapping tips

Tis’ the season for gift wrapping!! Have you finished yours yet? Started it? Somewhere in the middle? Every year I say I’m going to get all of my gifts wrapped early. Some years that actually happens and some years I’m frantically wrapping on Christmas Eve. This year thankfully I seem to be ahead of the game!

I’ve been getting a lot of wrapping done while my big kids are at school and Emmy naps, and as I had all of my supplies laid out on the table the other day I realized what a pretty scene it creates. I figured it was a good chance to share some of my favorite wrapping tips and things I find helpful during the process!

1 — Gather all of your supplies and keep them handy! You don’t want to be half way through wrapping a package and then run out of tape, or have to start your search for the tags at the very last minute. Do yourself a favor and collect everything and keep it in a convenient spot. This year my supplies are living in a McGee & Co. shopping bag near my desk! Then whenever I have a moment, I grab the bag and set up is easy.

2 — Speaking of supplies…here are a few specific items that I find extra useful…

  • sharp scissors – good quality scissors make cutting ribbon and thick wrapping paper so much easier!
  • white tissue paper – I try not to go overboard with tissue paper, but one or two pieces lining a gift box is the perfect amount
  • white packing boxes – for special gifts that are an odd size I love to use a white shipping box. They can be found inexpensively at Target!

3 —- Wrap on a large, flat, hard top surface. It just make life easier…you can see all of your supplies and your folds will be crisper! I love to use use our big dining room table.

4 — Pick one or two main wrapping paper designs, and then use Kraft paper or plain white wrapping as a nice neutral. This year I chose two designs from Sugar Paper’s line at Target and I love them! Beautiful patterns, high quality paper and at a nice price point. The kraft paper I’m using is also from Target!

4 — It’s all in the details! The best part of wrapping is always the ribbon, tags and little extras…don’t you think? I found beautiful ribbon on Amazon this year, both satin and velvet. My gifts tags are from Target again (shocker) and I incorporated fresh greenery as well! A little goes a long way!

Now they’ll sit pretty under our tree for a bit until it’s time to hand them out to family and friends!

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