January 10, 2021

Winter Flowers

While I love the blank slate of a New Year, when the garlands and wreaths come down after a fun holiday season I always miss that natural element in our home (even if the ones I use are faux!). So while at Trader Joe’s this week I couldn’t resist picking up some blooms to make a little arrangement for our front room.

Lately I’ve noticed Trader Joe’s is stocking garden roses, and I just can’t resist them!! Garden roses have more petals and have a fluffy and full appearance…making them look more like peonies. While I generally don’t gravitate towards hues red, these magenta roses just called my name. Not sure the name on this little purple flower but I love the softness of it next to the roses. I then finished off the arrangement with simple greenery.

Having a few vases stocked in your home makes it easy to create an arrangement at a moment’s notice. I picked up this simple white vase from Target recently and it’s the perfect size for my coffee table. I like to have a few smaller vases on hand to place on tables, or in little nooks around the houses. Larger vases work really well to make a statement on your kitchen island or a sideboard. I’ve linked some great vase options below!

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