September 4, 2019

September Mood

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Hello September! Remember how just last month I wasn’t ready to give up summer? Well, now I’m happily back into the school routine, early mornings and all! While summer brings carefree days, last minute dinners thrown on the grill and later bedtimes, I think by the end of it I crave the structure of home cooked meals and cozy nights on the couch.

In September I’m….

Browsing: Athena Calderone’s Cook Beautiful has been a favorite source for inspiration lately.

Shopping: These jeans and shoes are on the top of my fall shopping list. And for my home I can’t wait for Danielle Oakey’s fall collection launching soon!

Arranging: Dahlia’s in pinks, coral and maroon…they’re popping up at Trader Joe’s and I can’t resist!

Happy Fall!

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