November 25, 2020

Festive at Home

I’ve always approached decorating our home for the holidays in layers, and it always starts with my favorite faux greenery! In years past I have used solely fresh greenery, but I find it just dies too quickly no matter what I do to try and make it last! So I’ve come up with my favorite mix of faux and fresh. I hang all of my faux greenery early in the season, and then the last week before Christmas I’ll tuck fresh greenery into the existing faux to create an even fuller look with that amazing smell.

I’ve collected my favorite garland and wreaths over the last few years and I plan on continuing to add to my collection. They both sell out quick, so if you do see it in stock and want some of your own, don’t hesitate!

After I’ve layered in all my greenery I start to add in the details. I love natural elements, vintage or vintage looking pieces and pretty ribbon. These bells are some of my very favorite and I used this ribbon last year too! I have more ribbon on order from Amazon that I’ll add it once it arrives. The little white ceramic houses are from the Target dollar bin a few years ago, but I see similar styles there now. I’ve also linked some below that are available to order from Crate and Barrel too!

We used to do a fresh tree, but now opt for faux for the tree too! It was about 4 Christmases ago that our tree was soooo crispy and dead that my husband had to convince me NOT to go buy a new tree on Christmas Eve. I believe he describes it as “talking me off the ledge” lol. I’ve seen so many pretty faux trees online, but ultimately we went with good ‘ol Costco. We have the 9ft version and love it, my only complaint is that it doesn’t really come to a point at the top so it’s hard to add a tree topper. We also have a small flocked tree in our family room.

The tree isn’t decorated quite yet, but we’ll do that after Thanksgiving. We love to make it a family event…I’ll make some fun appetizers for a picnic in the living room, we’ll blast our favorite Christmas tunes, and all decorate it together. Our ornaments are a mix of homemade and those collected over the years.

I’ll also layer on greenery on our dining room table, but for now these bottle brush trees are perfectly simple. So tell me, have you decorated for Christmas yet?

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