July 11, 2019

Meet Toby

We have a new addition in the Johnson household….meet our sweet puppy Toby!! He is a cocker spaniel mix and we are all in looooove!

After our two older cavalier king charles spaniels both passed in the last couple of years, we promised our kiddos a puppy. Both Brad and I feel like it’s a sort of rite of passage for kids to have a puppy during their childhood. We both grew up with dogs and can’t imagine our household without one!! That being said, were we totally ready to get a puppy?! Haha, no!! We actually saw a local ad for this guy a few weeks ago while at the beach. We ended up chatting with the family, hopping in our car within the hour, and driving straight from the beach to San Diego to pick out our new little guy.

Toby came from a litter of 6 puppies, 3 boys and 3 girls! We promised Owen we’d get a boy puppy…a brother finally! So we had 3 puppies to pick from and man that was tough!! We went in thinking we wanted the smallest and calmest of the bunch. Right away one puppy was pretty active and didn’t cuddle in our arms as much. That narrowed it down to two! Initially we went for the smaller of the two, and our kiddos were holding that little guy while the other two were put back in their crate. All of a sudden I just had this overwhelming feeling that he wasn’t our puppy! I had the other guy brought out again and I just instantly knew. A little bigger. A little lighter in color. And OURS. As cliche as it sounds, I just instantly knew it in that moment.

Welcome home Toby! We love you so much already!!!

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